Warehouse Jobs – They’re Coming Back

There are many different types of warehouse jobs, whether it’s shipping or storing items, managing a team or working in the company’s office. In addition, there are many different types of organizations that utilize warehouses, such as retailers, exporters and even the military. Here are some of the various jobs you may be able to find in a warehouse.

Untrained/General Employees
Though an untrained employee does actually receive training on the job site, the term “untrained” typically means that the employee does not have any special certification. These employees are typically the lowest-paid employees in the company because they are not able to operate warehouse machinery or perform other specialized tasks within the warehouse. In most warehouses, an employee would need to be at least 18 to get this type of entry-level job.

Trained/Skilled Employees
Just the opposite of a general employee, a trained or skilled employee is one that has the special certifications required to operate machinery and perform other specialized tasks. This type of employee may be required to operate a forklift, pallet jack or other piece of equipment. These positions are more competitive because the pay rate is higher, and these employees are typically at least 21.

Though supervisors work in the warehouse alongside their team, they are responsible for a different set of tasks. Supervisors must keep their team on task and motivate their employees, deal with any factory or employee issues, make the schedule and file various paperwork. Depending on the company, supervisors may also be in charge of hiring and firing employees. Out of the many employees that work directly in the warehouse, supervisors make the most money and typically have the most work experience.