Typing Jobs – Skills You Need Today

Typing jobs require a few basic skills, whether you’re a data entry clerk, secretary or freelancer writer. If you’d like to attain a typing job, here are a few of the skills you should have.

Computer Literacy
It will be nearly impossible to work in an office these days without at least basic knowledge of how to work a computer. At the very least, you should know how to start the computer and navigate it to find the specific program you need. You may need to learn about different computer functions as time goes on, but your employer will train you if this situation arises.

If your job is going to revolve around typing, there’s a good chance you’re going to be writing a lot or inputting large amounts of data. You should be able to type at a relatively quick speed to obtain a date entry job, preferably around 60 words per minute. Data entry jobs might require you to type closer to around 80 or 90 words per minute.

Accuracy is important if your job is going to revolve around typing or inputting data. Along with typing quickly, you should be able to type accurately without staring down at the keyboard — this is referred to as touch typing.

Knowledge of Different Software
Many, if not all, typing jobs require a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, which is the most widely-used word processing software. Word does have some lesser-known functions, but knowing the basics will be enough to do your job successfully.

Internet Accessibility
Whether you’re using it for research, send a project or communicate with your supervisor, having access to the Internet is important for any typing job. Any office you work in will have access, but freelance typers should ensure that they have a reliable connection.