Security Jobs – Are You Tough Enough?

It may seem like security officers do nothing more than stand at mall entrances and eye customers suspiciously, but being a security officer is more than that. Here are some of the qualities you should possess to obtain a security job.

Physical Fitness
As a security officer, there may come a time when you have to follow or potentially run after someone who’s done something wrong. It’s important to be in good physical condition if you want a security job so you can jump into action if the situation calls for it.

Clients expect a security officer to protect their belongings when they aren’t around, and expect the officer to protect their customers safe when the business is open. A huge part of preventing crime is the officer noticing something suspicious before the crime actually takes place. Security workers should always be aware of what’s going around them and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Security officers can potentially face danger every day at work, so it’s important that you can respond to a situation without fear. If an accident or crime occurs during an officer’s shift, it’s their job to respond to it, whether someone slipped and fell or a necklace got stolen.

Proper Training
Some states require security officers to complete special training to earn a security license. Proper training makes sure that the security officer is fully prepared to face a variety of situations on the job. Former military or law enforcement members make excellent security officers because of their training.

Good Character
Security firms, like most employers, typically run a background check on any potential candidates for a security job. Employers want someone who arrives on time and has never been fired because of negligence. Security firms will probably not hire anyone with a felony or misdemeanor on record.