Seasonal Jobs – Seasonal Means More Opportunity

Most high school and college age students use their yearly summer and winter breaks as a time for travel, fun and relaxation. However, these times of year present a great opportunity to not only have fun, but to make some extra money while doing it. Different types of seasonal jobs come around each year, and are available for both students and full-time workers alike. Here are some of the most common seasonal jobs available.

Summer Camp Counselor
Many teenagers and young adults work as camp counselors during their summer breaks from school. There are a variety of summer camps out there, including day camps, overnight camps or camps with a specific religious affiliation. To work as a summer camp counselor, you should be OK with spending time outdoors and working with children.

Amusement Park Employee

Not only are there numerous positions available at amusement parks, but there are positions available for workers of all ages. For example, senior citizens looking for lighter work can find employment tearing or selling tickets. Those who don’t mind longer hours on their feet might enjoy working as a ride operator or dressing up as a park mascot.

Working as a lifeguard is a popular seasonal job among teenagers, and it’s one that’s readily available when summer comes. Opportunities may be available at a number of places, including water parks, community centers, lakes and subdivision pools. Becoming a lifeguard requires special certification, and lifeguarding positions fill quickly, so it’s important to train and apply early.

Seasonal Retail Employee
Around Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, retail stores hire extra employees to help deal with the sudden influx of holiday shoppers. Though you may be required to work on weekends and holidays, seasonal retail positions are a great way to make money, and can also turn into regular employment after the holidays are over. In addition to large retail stores, shopping malls also hire seasonal employees during the holidays.

During the school year, and even during summer break, many students seek academic help to prepare for classes or tests. If you consider yourself to be an expert in a particular subject, consider tutoring students to make some extra money.

For those who enjoy gardening and being outdoors, it’s easy to find seasonal work at an agricultural company during planting and harvest times. Though you don’t necessarily need experience to work a seasonal agricultural job, you should be prepared for physically-taxing work in difficult weather conditions.