Photography Jobs – Top Photography Tips

Photography is one of the largest and most varied career fields, and also one of the most highly competitive. If you’d like to turn this enjoyable hobby into a rewarding career, one of the most important things you can do is decide which specific type of photography career you’d like to pursue. From snapping photos on a wedding dance floor to catching a glimpse of rare wildlife, there’s a photography career path to suit virtually any interest. Here are a few of the most popular jobs in the photography industry.

If you’ve ever read a newspaper or watched a news program, you know that one picture can say more than a story or headline ever could. Photojournalists are typically hired by newspapers, television stations and magazines, and sometimes work on a freelance basis. They are responsible for taking photos of breaking news stories and different community activities, such as concerts or sports. Photojournalists can be salaried employees, but, depending on the publication and location of the photographer, can also be paid per photo.

Editorial Photographer
Editorial photography refers to the style of photography that can be found in magazines, books and some newspapers — the term “editorial” differentiates the photo from something that might be used for advertising purposes. Editorial photos are typically shot on a set and accompany an editorial piece in a publication. Most editorial photographers are allowed a good amount of creative freedom when shooting editorials, but receive a low budget compared to other types of photographers.

Portrait Photographer
One of the most increasingly popular types of photography is portrait photography, or family photography. This type of photographer meets with clients in a variety of settings — from a standard portrait studio to an outdoor location — to take photos that are typically more up-close and intimate. There are many different paths you can take as a portrait photographer, including engagement photography, maternity photography or infant photography. Portrait photographers have the option of charging their clients by the hour, or by giving them package options to choose from.

Event Photographer
An event photographer is responsible for capturing happy moments during events, including weddings, birthday parties and family gatherings. Good event photographers have a knack for taking shots that capture the mood and atmosphere of an event in a candid and natural way. Event photographers are usually paid based on the size of the event and the time they spent there, but can also choose to offer their clients package options. Though wedding photography is one of the most popular types of event photography, it could be weeks or months before you book another client, and each job is a day-long affair.

With talent, passion and dedication, you can experience the rewards of any of these great photography careers.