Nanny Jobs – Top 5 Traits of a Great Nanny

Because parents look so carefully at nanny candidates, it takes an exceptional set of skills to really stand out. Here are some of the qualities you’ll need to get hired as a nanny.

Good with Children
The best nannies are the ones who truly enjoy being around children, not the ones for are only there to make money. As a nanny, your job will be even more fun and rewarding if you enjoy spending time with kids — the parents and their children will also respect and appreciate you that much more. If you don’t enjoy being around kids, then a nanny job might not be the best job for you.

Playful Personality
The best candidates for a nanny job will be kind and gentle in nature with a playful personality. These qualities show a parent that you can not only take care of their children, but can also get along with them, too.

Safety Training
Accidents happen when kids are around, so it’s important for any nanny to have proper safety training. First aid, CPR and any other safety training will be viewed as a must-have quality by any parent looking to hire a nanny. Both you and the child’s parents should feel confident in your ability to handle any potentially dangerous situation that may arise.

Many parents hire nannies because their jobs don’t allow them to stay home with their kids. For nanny jobs, it’s important to show up to work promptly so you don’t cause the parents any stress. Nannies should also be prompt when taking kids to appointments or activities, and when doing household activities like chores or errands.

A great quality in a nanny is preparedness, and not just when it comes to emergencies. A great nanny will think ahead and prepare different activities for the kids throughout the day.