Manufacturing Jobs – The Benefits & More

Companies that manufacture products typically have a wide range of jobs available for every part of the manufacturing process. From jobs on the assembly floor to a position supervising operations, manufacturing companies have the need for both skilled and unskilled labor, and may be looking to hire new employees at any time. Here are a few of the various positions you may work at a manufacturing company.

Production Workers
Production workers often work in an assembly line setting, fitting different pieces together until a finished product results. Also called an assembler, production workers typically perform one step in a long line of steps. In addition to an assembly line, they may also work in individual workstations, depending upon the company.

Using technical drawings for accuracy, machinists carefully manufacture and build product parts. They operate specialized equipment, such as a drill or a press, to manufacture certain parts that make up a whole product.

Various types of engineers are needed by manufacturing companies, including computer, chemical, mechanical and industrial engineers. These employees typically produce different mathematical designs that are eventually used to produce products.

Quality Control Staff
Quality control specialists within a manufacturing company inspect products to make sure they work properly and have no defects. A quality control check always takes place at the end of the manufacturing process, but may also happen during various point during the process as well.

Production Managers
Production managers oversee the entire production process, making sure everything goes according to premade plans and budgets. They are also responsible for motivating their team and ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met.