Jobs For Seniors – Finding Rewarding Work

Many seniors are now seeking work after retirement as a way to make extra income or just to get out of the house. These jobs not only provide seniors with income, but with friends and an opportunity to bond with others. Here are some ideal jobs for seniors.

Retail Stores
Working at a retail store is a great job for seniors because it offers a flexible schedule, interaction with customers and coworkers, and extra money. As a retail worker, a senior may work as a greeter, cashier or sales associate — this depends on the senior’s health and mobility. Large retail employers include Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, and Walgreens.

Freelance work is a great way for seniors to make extra cash, and they can do it all as they work from home. Seniors can make as much or as little money as they want as a freelancer, because how much you make depends on how many assignments you want to take on. This type of work is good for a senior who might have a persistent ailment and may not be able to work as much one week.

Giving Tours
A job as a tour guide gives seniors an opportunity to learn, share knowledge and meet new people from across the country and world. Tour jobs can include giving tours at museums, historical monuments or different sightseeing attractions.

Amusement Parks
Like retail jobs, amusement parks are a great place for  seniors to work because of the many different positions available and the flexible schedule. Seniors can scan tickets, work in a park’s retail store or do park maintenance.

Stay Where You Are
For seniors who are close to retirement but aren’t quite ready to give up a position they love, there’s always the option of trying to stay with their current company. Simply ask your employer if there’s any way to reduce your workload and hours with the company.