Janitor Jobs – How To Get Started

Janitors, much like a housekeeper, are typically responsible for maintaining the overall appearance of a building, both inside and out. Here are the kinds of skills and qualities you need to get a janitorial job.

Broad Range of Skills
In addition to keeping a building clean, some janitorial workers may be required to do minor landscaping or minor repairs and maintenance work. Janitors should have a general idea of how to landscape and which tools to use, as well as painting and plumbing.

Specialized Training
Though janitors don’t typically need a degree or any sort of specialized training, some business or operations may require candidates to have some training depending on the janitor’s specific requirements. However, this varies from business to business, and you may not ever have to be specially trained.

Friendly Attitude
Janitors often come in contact with clients, employees or a building’s other occupants, so it’s important that they have a friendly and personable demeanor. Though janitors don’t typically need many customer-service skills, greeting a passing client can help the company’s reputation.

Janitors must be very thorough and detail-oriented when working, because it’s easy for an employer to see when they’ve been slacking. To be a janitor, you have to have a solid work ethic and be very thorough when performing your various tasks.

Focused on Safety
Janitors must pay strong attention to various safety practices when it comes to themselves and others. Since janitors often work with chemicals, it’s important that they know how to use them properly and how to respond to any accidents involving that chemical. Janitors also use specialized equipment, and should know how to use equipment properly. Caution should be exercised when clients or building occupants are around and janitorial work is being done, so no one has an accident.