Human Resource Jobs – Make An Impact

Human resources is a somewhat broad term for a department that handles all matters pertaining to employees within a company. Though each company’s human resources department is primarily responsible for recruiting employees and managing employee benefits, they also devote a significant amount of time to the growth and development of their company. Here are a few functions of human resources employees, and some common human resources positions.

The human resources department is responsible for hiring employees, from the beginning of the process to the end. Human resources team members place advertisements for job openings, then eventually screen applications and perform background checks to find the most qualified candidates for the position. Human resources team members are often the ones who perform an initial interview with applicants and coordinate a follow-up interview, which will most likely be conducted by a team member outside of human resources.

Coordination of Benefits
There are certain employees within a human resources department that handle the various benefits that come with employment. These team members coordinate employee benefits packages, stock options, retirement packages and any other benefit that an employee may receive in addition to their regular salary. Many companies offer benefits packages that assist those with disabilities, such as obesity or a mental health problem — human resources employees are also responsible for developing these types of programs.

Risk Management
Every company has some time of risk management system in place, and the human resources department is always involved in ensuring that employees adhere to that system. However, depending on the organization, the human resources department may not have as many duties related to workplace safety. For example, at some companies the human resources department may train the employees in workplace safety, but isn’t responsible for overseeing the employees as they work to ensure workplace safety.

Training and Development

The human resources department initially trains employees in regard to company policies, and also helps to coordinate additional in-house training programs as needed to help employees develop further. Interpersonal problems and general employee complaints are typically dealt with by human resources staff, who are also responsible for developing and monitoring any type of employee remediation programs. Human resources staff is also largely responsible for conducting employee performance reviews. Larger companies generally have the staff on hand to conduct reviews and monitor employee training programs; however, smaller companies may be required to outsource this type of task.