Graphic Design Jobs – Learn The Skills

As technology has advanced, it has become clear that we live in an increasingly visually-oriented world. So many business convey their messages visually — whether on a website, a business card, a poster or in a commercial — and they need to employ a talented graphic designer to do so. Because of this, graphic designers work at a wide variety of companies, and the field is expanding rapidly.

What Does A Graphic Designer Do?
Though a graphic designer’s job duties will vary depending on the company they work for, their overall mission is the same — to convey information visually in a way that enhances a service, product or mission. Most graphic designers work for larger advertising agencies or design companies, though they may also find work at publications, such as magazines and newspapers. Many companies do hire their own in-house graphic designers to work on both internal and external projects, but some may choose to hire freelance designers to work on an as-needed basis.

Like other artists, graphic designers work with a variety of different materials, including photos, illustrations, film, animations, fonts and more. No matter what the project, the graphic designer must place the client’s needs and vision in the forefront. Graphic designers must also have a good idea of who their client’s target market is, and be well aware of any social or cultural factors that may affect the project. Those who specialize in a certain area of design should also keep abreast of any changes or new technology.

Common Graphic Design Jobs
Graphic designers can choose to maintain a broad base of design knowledge, or they can become a specialist in a particular area of design. These factors can determine what type of position a graphic designer is qualified for. Some of the most common graphic design jobs include:

Logo Designer. A logo designer works with a company or individual to create a logo that is visually appealing and distinguishable. Designers can create logos by hand drawing them, or by using a computer.

Web Designer. Web design mainly focuses on creating a website that is visually appealing. Many web designers, however, also have some knowledge of website infrastructure and coding.

Art Director. The art director of an organization is the person who leads a team of designers, typically at a larger company. An art director must have previous experience as a graphic designer and a broad knowledge of design techniques and programs.

Layout Designer. A layout designer typically works at a publication like a magazine or newspaper. This person may be responsible for creating a page layout or placing material on the page.