Government Jobs – Public Sector Tips

Within the past two years, the government has become the largest employer in the United States with over two million employees. However, don’t think that a government job has to mean training to become a secret service man or a member of the FBI — there are actually many government jobs available all across the country, and they’re not hard to attain. Here are some government you may be able to work in.

Law Enforcement
If you find work as a law enforcement official, you may be employed for one of the following government agencies: the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense or the Central Intelligence Agency. There are many job opportunities available as a law enforcement official, such as a police officer or fireman. You may also be able to find work in federal prisons and correctional centers, where law enforcement staff run the institution. Law enforcement positions may also include criminal investigators, detectives, border patrol agents,and FBI or CIA agents, if you meet their qualifications.

Science and Engineering
If you find a science- or engineering-related job working for the government, you may work for one of the following agencies: the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Of the many science-related fields of study, engineers are of particular value to many different government agencies. As a general engineer, you may have what it takes to work for NASA; as a civil engineer, you may be able to work for the Department of Energy.

Business and Technology
Business-related agencies of the government include the Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve System and the Department of Commerce. The government is always looking to hire those who excel in the field of business, including the areas of economics, accounting, marketing and human resources. As technology continues to advance, they are also seeking those with knowledge in the fields of computer programming, computer science and information technology.