Cleaning Jobs – Your Path to Success

Housekeepers and cleaners are generally responsible for cleaning a house or building, whether it’s cleaning a hotel room or washing the windows of an office building. Here are some of the skills and qualities needed to get a cleaning job.

Friendly Attitude
Housekeepers and janitors typically work in places where they will be in close and constant contact with customers and building occupants, such as office buildings, hotels and hospitals. For this reason, it is important for those with cleaning jobs to be friendly and personable.

Cleaning jobs sometime require the housekeeper or janitor to work without supervision. In hotels and office buildings, cleaners are allowed into rooms that may still contain the occupant’s personal belongings, such as a hotel room or a personal office. Since cleaners receive this kind of access, they should be trustworthy and honest.

It is important for anyone with a cleaning job to have a strong work ethic and be very thorough in their work, since their work is seen by anyone who enters their place of work. The cleanliness of a building represents how thorough and detail-oriented the employee is, and can alter the reputation and image of the business.

Safety Training
Though housekeepers and janitors do not typically need to undergo much training to attain a cleaning job, they do work with some equipment and cleaning supplies that require some training. Those with cleaning jobs may have to work with different chemical cleaning supplies quite often, and should be properly trained on how to mix, use and store them. Cleaning employees may also have to use washers, dryers, commercial vacuums or other types of equipment and should have some knowledge of how to do so.