Child Care Jobs – Top Tips

Working with children is not always easy, but for someone with the right personality and skill set, it can be easy. Here are some of the qualities and skills you’ll need to attain a child care job.

Fun Personality
Those who want to work with children should truly enjoy playing and being around kids, and should have a playful personality. This lets the child’s parents know that you can not only take care of their child, but the child will also enjoy being around you.

Though working with kids can be fun, it can also be stressful. Children sometimes want to be their own boss and don’t want to listen to an adult, especially one they don’t know well. For this reason, it’s important to have patience when working with children — even when they are obeying you, there will be times when smaller children don’t understand what you’re telling them, and you may have explain something multiple times.

If a parent is leaving their child in your care, it’s understandable that the parent is placing a large amount of faith in your child-care skills. Be honest with the parent about your abilities and skills, and always ask for help if you need it.

Safety Training
Whether you’re babysitting or you work in a daycare center, it’s important for anyone who watches children to have proper safety training. First-aid training, CPR and any other safety training should be viewed as a mandatory skill by any employer or parent.

Good Physical Condition
Working with children, especially as they become older and more mobile, requires the child-care worker to be in decent physical condition. As children learn to crawl and walk they will be constantly moving and should be closely monitored, and should be watched more closely as they learn to run — don’t be surprised if you have to chase them down from time to time.