Call Center Jobs – More Than Just Sales

Providing great customer service to clients is essential for any business to succeed, and it can’t be done without a friendly and enthusiastic call center team. However, a kind attitude and a soothing voice aren’t the only keys to ensuring that each customer has a great experience with the company you work for. Here are some of the other important traits you’ll need to be a great call center representative.

Problem Solving Abilities
As a call center representative, part of your job will require you to speak with unhappy customers and remedy their unsatisfactory experience. When working in a call center, you should be able to solve problems efficiently, and in a way that benefits both your company and the guest. Customer service team members should have a good idea of what their company would consider an acceptable solution to a client problem — this way, the call center representatives don’t have to waste time by getting approval to help each and every customer.

Patience is a virtue, and one that anyone who works in a call center must have. Many customers contact a call center because they are frustrated or upset with a product, and they may not know how to explain their issue thoroughly. A good call center representative should be able to patiently work through an issue with a customer without getting frustrated themselves.

Good Listener
Because call center representatives have to solve customer issues over the phone, it’s important to truly listen to what the customer says to get an accurate idea of what their problem is. Some customers may not be able to explain their problem very clearly, so listening and asking questions may help you clarify what the issue is, and show them you are eager to assist them.

A call center can be a stressful place to work, especially when dealing with a high volume of calls, or an angry customer who takes their frustration out on you. Both customers and co-workers can easily pick up on negativity, which affects the quality of your work and those around you. A great call center representative should be able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day, even after dealing with an angry customer or a lengthy problem.

Customers want to feel comfortable talking to the person who is helping them, whether it’s over the phone or not. Make sure you communicate with each customer in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. For example, if your customer doesn’t have a lot of experience working with computers, make sure you explain a solution to them in terms they can understand.

With the above qualities and a desire to go the extra mile for your customers, you can easily succeed in any call center position.